Gordon’s Special Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Is there any foodie out there who doesn’t know about this man, the legend, Gordon Ramsay? The name of this man speaks for itself. This multi-Michelin starred chef also has been a star of the small screen. He even has a long list of successful restaurants chains across the globe.

From their very rich menu, we have already tried the Gordon Ramsay steak sandwich. And today, I’m back with the Gordon’s special Gordon Ramsay cranberry sauce.

My fiancé made this sauce for the first time with me. It was very easy to make and when you simmer it, the taste is top-notch. On top of that, the added spices take the sauce to a whole new level.

Besides, when it comes to America’s favorite sauces, this amazing sauce from Gordon’s falls in the same category as some other most popular and top-notch sauces, like the Arby’s Red Ranch Sauce, Sugar-Free Applesauce, Homemade Chili Sauce Recipe, etc.

So, technically speaking, whether you are a fan of Gordon’s or not, if you are looking for some world-class sauce, you must try this Gordon Ramsay cranberry sauce recipe.

Why making Gordon Ramsay cranberry sauce at home?

Yes, that’s a valid question to ask! It is true that only a few people prepare this themselves, and others just buy the jar stuffed sauce from the store, which I just hate badly when I have options to prepare it at home. Why do they do so? Because they just don’t know how amazing the homemade sauce is and how to prepare it.

Some also worry about not having the original recipe. But, here I’m! With the proper instructions followed, you are getting something far better than that store-bought stuff. So, I prefer this cranberry sauce recipe Gordon Ramsay.


  • Anise (2-star)
  • Fresh cranberries (250 grams)
  • Lightly crushed green cardamom pods (4 pods)
  • Finely cored, peeled, and chopped apples (2 large apples)
  • Caster sugar (150 grams)
  • Ruby port (60 ml.)
  • Juiced and zested orange (1 large orange juice)
  • To taste, freshly ground black pepper
  • To taste, salt


  1. Over medium-high heat, place a heavy-based pan. Add all the spices to the pot increasing the temperature slightly.
  2. Take some, without stirring, time so that the sugar melts finely. When the mixture takes the form of a rich caramel color, add the cranberries.
  3. Then, add the seasonings and to soften the cranberries, cook briefly, checking frequently.
    At this point, add up the whole amount of the apple and take 4-5 more minutes to cook it. Ass the ingredients cook, you must toss in regular intervals to coat the fruit items with caramel.
  4. Then, carefully reduce the heat and pour it in the port at the same time. In the meantime, the orange juice and zest need to be stirred in.
  5. Cook the ingredients for 10-12 minutes to bring to a simmer. Also, stir frequently; thus, the apples and cranberries will break down gradually. This will make the sauce thicken.

Now, you are done with the Gordon Ramsay cranberry sauce. From this point on, this Gordon Ramsay apple sauce feels like the Sugar-Free Applesauce a bit. Now, you can transfer it to your warmed serving dish and serve. But discard the cardamom pods along with the star anise first.

Serving later

If you don’t want to serve it immediately, let the sauce cool down and set. Then you can easily keep it in the fridge for up to 4-5 days. When serving, take out, warm the sauce thoroughly and gently and serve the way you like. So simple!

Ways to enjoy the sauce

Nutritional Information

This Spiced Cranberry Sauce takes a few ingredients, most of which are healthy, and yields a healthy food item ultimately. So, at the same time, it fulfills all of your desire that you might be expecting from any sauce!

Serving (per serving)Nutritional ValueDaily Value
Calories856 (3500 kJ)
Total Fat11.5 g34%
Saturated Fat0.155 g3%
Trans Fat1.3 g12%
Sodium354 mg35%
Total Carbohydrate22 g33%
Dietary Fiber5.8g20%
Cholesterol20 mg23%
Sugars1.84 g
Protein34 g34%
Vitamin D45%
Calcium321 mg29%
Iron6 mg24%
Potassium124 mg27%
Note: Daily Value percentage is based on a 2,000-calorie diet a day.

All over the country, this Gordon Ramsay cranberry sauce is mostly known for pairing with Christmas side dishes. But, in my opinion, it has nothing to do with Christmas as it is so special that it can go with almost anything, at any time, whatever demands some kind of sauce.

I also understand that you will find my words hard to believe until you prepare and use the sauce yourself. Let me know how it goes with you. Best wishes!

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