Avocado Toast Recipe with Scrambled Egg

On a busy schedule, to start off the day in a healthy way, a recipe like Instant pot scrambled eggs really comes in handy. But when you are busy the whole day, you have barely enough time to water hours in cooking and you don’t even like outdoor food, then something like the Avocado toast with scrambled egg feels like a true blessing. Yes, it indeed is, at least for me. I would say, scrambled eggs avocado toast is the ultimate savior for me on my hectic days!

The thing that makes this recipe extra special for me is its easy-peasy preparation and cooking process, which takes only 5 minutes! Can you believe this! You are getting a healthy, hearty and fully fresh flavor-loaded food item on your table, which is so generously versatile that it can serve you as a snack, for breakfast, for lunch, and of course for dinner as well.

So, whenever I’m in a hurry and on a hectic schedule, I would certainly opt for this scrambled eggs and avocado toast, which is, at least 4-5 days in a month!


  • Butter (1 tablespoon)
  • Eggs (2 pieces)
  • Finely sliced avocado (1/2 Avocado)
  • Milk (2 tablespoons)
  • Toasted bread (2 slices)
  • To taste, pepper and salt

For the garnish

  • Chives (as much as you want)
  • crushed red pepper flakes (as much as you want)


  1. Set a medium-size skillet on low heat and add all the butter to it.
  2. While the butter melts down, in another small bowl, place the milk, eggs, pepper, and suitable amount of salt and whisk them properly.
  3. Once the butter is perfectly melted, add the eggs into the melted butter. Wait patiently and allow all the edges of the eggs to set. Meanwhile, when the outside of the eggs has cooked, fold it into the center gently using a spatula so that the runny eggs also get cooked.
  4. You may need to repeat the folding process 2-3 times, but keep it as minimum as possible. Every time you touch the eggs, sumptuous folds will be the end result for sure.
  5. When the eggs have cooked partially, and it feels to you that the heat of the pan will cook the eggs fully, turn off the heat and take the pan down.
  6. Now take a slice of toasted bread and top it by piling the eggs along with chives on the top.
  7. Then, on the second slice of toasted bread, add the avocado and top the whole red pepper flakes.

So, with this, you have made the Avocado toast with scrambled egg in a little time than you have imagined before. Enjoy and break a leg on your work.

Recipe notes

  • Cream cheese is bound to take this recipe to a whole new level. So, if you have some in your hand, use them while topping the toasted bread. It will make the dish creamier and more flavorful.
  • Finely chopped chives and radishes are often recommended. But I can tell you, from my experience, they don’t make any noticeable differences. So, you can skip them by all means.

Nutritional Information

You might be thinking is avocado and egg on toast healthy or not? It certainly is! The number of scrambled eggs avocado toast calories adds to the benefits list mostly. It offers only 381 calories, out of which, 162 calories come from fat alone.

Serving (4-servings)Nutritional ValueDaily Value
Calories381 (1533kJ)
Total Fat18g28%
Trans fat1g6%
Sodium710 mg30%
Calcium23 mg4 %
Cholesterol2 mg1 %
Total Carbohydrate29g10 %
Dietary Fiber6g25%
Added Sugars
Note: Daily Value percentage is based on a 2,000-calorie diet a day.


Is scrambled egg and avocado good for you?

Yes, they certainly are good for you except in rare circumstances. For a man of usual health, the eggs and avocado combination packs a total package of essential properties to protect brain cells. Considering this, it is one of those very few recipes that offer this much essential health benefit. Besides, the amount of fat, which is certainly healthy in this recipe, keeps your neurons healthy.

In the same way, they also help your body metabolize glucose, thus ensuring overall well-balanced and proper brain activity.

Is egg on Avocado toast good for weight loss?

Yes, eggs may come very hand when it comes to weight loss. Besides, the chance of losing weight in a balanced way is more when you incorporate eggs in a calorie-controlled diet. According to a lot of researches, eggs alone can increase the feelings of fullness by boosting metabolic activity simultaneously. Consequently, it keeps a man, throughout the day, from consuming extra calories.

Avocado toast with scrambled egg is also a calorie-controlled diet. So, you are getting the utmost benefit.


No matter whatever tight schedule we are on, we all deserve something more than a bowl of mush or a microwave sandwich. We deserve something bright, healthy, and beautiful to start the day made from fresh and healthy ingredients, such as milk, butter, eggs, etc. And this recipe here, the Avocado toast with scrambled egg has made our quest easy!

Avocado and eggs for breakfast are certainly easy, delicious, colorful, healthy, and downright sexy. Try it now, and feel free to share your thought in the comment box!

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