Kit Kat Cake with Strawberries | Yummy Recipe

Let’s be honest with you; I have grown up watching my mother spending hours preparing, bake, decorate and surprise family, friends, and relatives on special occasions. Because of her, my birthdays’ always feel extra special to me. And one of the special cakes that she frequently prepares for me is the Kit kat cake with strawberries.

Actually, it’s always fascinating to surprise your dearest ones. Moreover, some of us also like to treat ourselves very often with various types of cakes. So, as I had chances, I learned a few cake recipes from my mom, and shared one, the Anne of Cleves Cake, with you already.

This strawberry kit kat cake is very easy to prepare, even for beginners, requiring pretty straightforward ingredients. On top of that, it’s always adventurous to get the job done with whatever you have, e.g., blackberries, strawberries, and, certainly, a lot of Kit Kats. I love this cake, so do my family members, and there is never any leftover left.

So, let’s see what it takes to prepare the white kit kat cake with strawberries


  • Chocolate cakes (2 round cakes; each measuring 8×2)
  • Washed and sliced in half strawberries (25-30 pieces)
  • Washed blackberries (15 pieces)
  • Fresh mint leaves (3-4 leaves)
  • Chocolate buttercream frosting (4 cups)
  • Kit Kats (40 pieces)


  • To begin with, bake the chocolate cake in two rounds. Let the cake cool down and set. Then cut the dome off the cake.
  • Now, frost the top of one cake generously with chocolate buttercream icing after place the cake on a cake stand. After that, to cake the two cakes together, place the other one on top of the icing and keep pressing gently and they will stick.
  • Then use a lot of chocolate buttercream icing to frost the entire cake at once; leave no parts unfrosted. Proper frosting ensures better sticking of the Kit Kats acting like glue.
  • Take the Kit Kats out of the wrapping and stick them one by one around the cake. For holding the Kit Kats steady in place, create extra support by tying two ribbons around the Kit Kats.
  • At the same time, wash up the blackberries and strawberries again and give them enough time to dry out by patting.
  • At this point, cut the strawberries, in half, lengthwise, and get rid of the juices of strawberries by placing them on a paper towel.
  • Then you will need drippy strawberries so that the cake gets extremely soft and mushy at the same time.
  • To finish off, arrange the strawberries carefully all over the cake in a circular pattern; leave the middle part empty and place the blackberries in there. At last, top the whole cake gently using the mint leaves.

Now you have your Kit kat cake with strawberries ready. Serve when you like and enjoy!

Cake Variation

  • If you like easter cake with the same Kit Kat texture, just swap the berries with Easter eggs, and you have your Easter Kit Kat cake.
  • You can swap berries with m&m to get m&m Kit Kat Cake.
  • If you use more milk, it will yield perfectly white Kit Kat cake.
  • If you are an ice cream love, don’t think twice to make an ice cream Kit Kat cake just by sticking the Kit Kat all over the chilled ice cream.
  • Utilize some fondant cows along with some messy chocolate frosting, if you care to make cow Kit Kat cake, to take the cake to a whole new level.

Recipe Note

  • Yes, you can use a sturdy cake board instead of a cake stand. But in that case, you have to make sure that the cake sits right as it will be pretty heavy.
  • Always keep the cake in the refrigerator till you serve it. The cake is basically full of fruits and covered thereby. So, if you keep it outside for long, the fruits won’t remain fresh anymore.

Tips and Tricks

Sometimes we may run out of time so badly that we cannot manage to bake the cake from scratch let alone making the frosting from scratch. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the cake.

You can still prepare a non-baked Kit Kat cake. So, keep some non-frosted, pre-made cake. With this, you would some store-bought frosting along with some fresh berries of your liking to make the no-bake anytime.

Nutritional Information

It is very unlikely to expect a high nutritional value from any cake. But kit kat strawberry cake is quite exceptional and rich in essential nutrition. It’s delicious, special, and healthy at a time!

Serving (4-servings)Nutritional ValueDaily Value
Calories1693 (6745 kJ)
Total Fat53 g 89%
Saturated Fat17 g 127%
Trans fat0.05%
Sodium1274 mg69%
Potassium517 mg 32%
Calcium528 mg 57%
Cholesterol20 mg 14%
Total Carbohydrate292 mg116%
Dietary Fiber4 g 19%
Sugars217 g 98%
Protein14 g36%
Iron4.2 mg 36%
Vitamin A270IU
Vitamin D25.2 mg
Vitamin K0.1 µg
Note:  Daily Value percentage is based on a 2,000-calorie diet a day.

If you are not comfortable with Kit Kat, don’t try to prepare the cake skipping Kit Kat. Apart from this fact, everything is more than perfect about this cake. In fact, this kit kat cake with strawberries is very likely to be one of the best Chocolate Strawberry Cakes out there.

So, if it’s your dearest person’s birthday or any other special occasion, don’t think twice; prepare the cake right away.

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