How To Cook Healthy Dried Peas

Well, today I’m here to share the two most popular ways of cooking dried beans. If you don’t know how to cook dried peas, you are at the right place, mate!

Since my childhood, I have always seen that my family members are in love with lentils, beans, and peas. All of these vegetable items are versatile, extremely affordable, and, more importantly, super easy to prepare. They also offer impressive nutritious value and filling options to pair up with different food items! Thanks to my mother for everything!

On a serious note, I used to go for the canned beans. Then, one of my friends told me about the chemicals like BPA used in those canned beans. So, I gave up on them and fell for the dried beans, which are extremely healthy and loved throughout the USA.

Now that I don’t stay with my parents, I have to prepare the dried beans myself and I have mastered the cooking process very well. Let’s move to the cooking process…


  • Dried beans (1 or 2 cups)
  • Water (4-6 cups)
  • A pinch of salt


Cook your dried beans on Stovetop

This basic strategy simply requires a huge pot. Remember that the volume of your cooked beans will take 2 or even multiple times more place compared to the dried beans. So, I would definitely suggest giving the dried beans some space.

  • In a large pot, pour in 4-6 cups of water along with a little salt that you feel necessary. Then, put the dried beans in the pot.
  • Heat the water to the point of boiling, then, at that point, lower hotness and cook at a stew, blending sometimes and skimming off any froth.
  • Shockingly, it’s difficult to foresee how much time beans will require to cook through. Size and assortment will clearly have an impact, and, in this case, old and ripe beans can take significantly longer time than youthful beans.
  • However, you can focus on a 30 to an hour window for more modest beans.

Bigger beans like kidneys or garbanzo/chickpea beans will certainly take much more time. Keep it in your mind.

Cook your dried beans on Instant Pot or other pressure cookers

I love my Instant Pot for cooking vegetables. So, here goes the simplest way to cook the dries beans effectively.

  • Ensure your beans are covered by something like 2 crawls of water.
  • Then, add a touch of salt.
  • Also, make sure that the pot isn’t filled considerably more than midway or you will be at risk of flood from the pot.
  • Under high pressure, more modest beans should require around 10 minutes. While the bigger beans will take about 25-30 minutes.

Recipe Notes

Attempt to consistently give yourself additional time – interestingly, your beans are cooked right through or they will not be as tasty or effectively edible. Focus on soft, delicate beans somewhat overcooked is better compared to half-cooked ones. Simply check regularly and add water in case there is none on the beans.

To boost the flavor of the beans, while the beans cook, add aromatics like garlic or onion or other preferable herbs. This will let the beans amp up. Try it!

How to store

If you want to store the cooked beans, you should not drain the beans right away. Take some time and let the beans set. Let them cool down in the cooking liquid.

Then store them in the cooking liquid in the fridge for up to 7 days easily. Or, if you want to go for a freezer, you can keep the beans stored for up to 30 days.

Interestingly, this liquid will be useable later in the stews, stocks, and soups as well.


Can we cook green peas without soaking?

In the first place, you want to splash the dry green peas short-term or for 2 hours in warm water. Without splashing the green peas, it takes more time to cook and the surface doesn’t turn out as great by the same token.

Can you cook dried beans without soaking?

If you’re the anxious, eager for bean type, you can cook your beans from dry with no drenching by any means. Listen to this: Beans that you don’t soak for whatever reason maybe will consistently take more time to cook, yet they will, to be sure, cook in the end. So, decide wisely considering everything.

Knowing how to cook dried peas is really handy if you happen to be a vegetable lover, which you already are because you are here. Hope you can nail this recipe both ways. To add to your excitement, I can tell you that there are a few more ways to cook these dried beans, with which I will be back real soon.

Share your cooking experience with me and let’s enjoy fairly cooked beans together! Oh yeah! You heard it right!

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