Best Way to Cook Frozen Turkey Burgers

Are you on a very busy schedule? Looking for an easy and quick meal without wasting much of your time? In that case, if you know, the best way to cook frozen turkey burgers becomes very helpful. You can just take the frozen burgers out of your freezer and cooking them within minutes, just like … Read more

Avocado Toast Recipe with Scrambled Egg

On a busy schedule, to start off the day in a healthy way, a recipe like Instant pot scrambled eggs really comes in handy. But when you are busy the whole day, you have barely enough time to water hours in cooking and you don’t even like outdoor food, then something like the Avocado toast … Read more

Easy and Delicious Wagyu Beef Burger Recipe

wagyu beef burger

A lot of people I know think that Wagyu beef is only perfect for steaks and roasts, so they skip Wagyu beef when it comes to preparing hamburgers. They think that they won’t get the desired flavor and the burgers will just taste like some other usual burgers!  But the reality is exactly different. If … Read more